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Hall of Fame Awards

Congratulations to our Hall of Fame Award Winners presented by Ethan Allen and Traditional Home:

dbc-hof-150Best Overall Design Blog: Elements of Style, Erin Gates

Best Design Blog Graphics, Photography, and Presentation: Marker Girl, Karen Davis

Best Writing on a Design Blog: Decor Arts Now, Lynn Byrne

Best New Blog: The HighBoy, The HighBoy Team

Many thanks to Ethan Allen and Traditional Home for sponsoring the 2015 Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Awards. 

The winners, and runner ups, were determined through a combination of ratings by a panel of judges and a public vote. The awards were presented live, and the inductees recognized during the 2015 Design Bloggers Conference at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta on February 26, 2015.

The Rules

Here is how the  Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Awards process works:

The awards are open to any English-language design blog.

The nomination period will start on December 11, 2014, and continue through the end of the day (Eastern Standard Time) on January 9, 2015. Nominations are open to the public and will be made via the Design Bloggers Conference website (see below to nominate a blog). A nomination can be made by simply adding a comment to the page for the designated category nominating the blog for consideration. Each blog nominated for a category will be included in the selection process; additional nominations for a blog in the same category will have no effect, so once a blog is nominated for a category there is no reason to nominate it again.

A panel of expert judges will evaluate all the nominated blogs for each category during the period January 9 – January 16, 2015 and will select the top five blogs in each category.

The public will be given the opportunity to vote for the finalists of each category from January 21 – February 6, 2015.

Each category winner will be chosen based on 50% of the input coming from the judges and 50% coming from the public vote.

The awards will be presented live at the Design Bloggers Conference at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta on February 26, 2015.


Doctor blames discredited autism-vaccine link research for measles outbreak

The measles outbreak has grown to at least 166 cases in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Despite overwhelming evidence that the vaccine is safe, some parents are still not convinced.

To understand the anti-vaccine movement meet Nicholas Wildman, 19 years old, six feet tall, and still in diapers with severe autism.

His parents showed a video of him to CBS News’ Ed Bradley on “60 Minutes” 15 years ago.

“I should have never have had him have that vaccine” for measles, mumps and rubella, his mother said.

Compelling video perhaps. But one problem: science has discredited the link, first floated by a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield in the journal The Lancet in 1998.


A nurse vaccinates a baby against diseases like measles. The current outbreak of the illness is said to be the result of some parents believing vaccinations are a cause of autism.

CBS News

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia denies a connection with vaccination and autism.

“Absolutely no doubt,” he said. “MMR vaccine does not cause autism. It never made biological sense that it would and now we have all the epidemiological studies showing that it clearly didn’t.”

Offit says since Wakefield’s article, there have been 14 studies looking at hundreds of thousands of children on three continents that show no linkage.

But why did Dr. Wakefield’s hypothesis get any traction at all?

“Because we don’t know what the cause or causes of autism was,” said Offit. “Now he’s got a reason, right? He’s got a boogeyman.”

Only in the view of science now, his boogeyman has been widely discredited. “It was just wrong.”

The Lancet retracted the paper in 2010. The British Medical Journal called it “an elaborate fraud” and Dr. Wakefield lost his license. But still the fallout lingers, as we are seeing 17 years later with the current measles outbreak.

Offit says the current outbreak can be directly related to Dr. Wakefield’s theory.

“No doubt about it,” he said. “I think if you ask parents why is it you’re hesitating to get this measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, I think many would say, ‘I still think it’s possible that this vaccine might cause autism.’ “

But Offit, an early critic of Andrew Wakefield said there’s no satisfaction in being right. He said this was not an “I told you so” moment, that whenever children suffer there is nothing good about it.

© 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Thick Pix: Earth Day

Photos originally published in Creem Magazine, 1992.

Pearl Jam at the <a href= Beach” width=”300″ height=”200″ />

Pearl Jam at the Beach

Tagged as: 2009, Creem Magazine, earth day, Pearl Jam

By the water…

Happy Earth Day! Here’s PJ …

Pearl Jam by the water

Pearl Jam by the water

In the forest…

Pearl Jam under a tree

Pearl Jam under a tree

On the beach…


Prosecutors, FBI join school laptop spying probe

The district tranny cams said it provides bought 2,620 laptops more than the final a couple associated with years with a expense involving $1,000 each.

The parents of Blake Robbins, a 15-year-old student, have got sued the school district in federal court, saying officials used the particular webcam within their son’s laptop to be able to spy upon him in home.

The American Civil Liberties Union, that offers filed a quick supporting your plaintiffs, said hello believes the situation is exclusive and also raises questions of whether or perhaps not necessarily the college district violated your boy’s rights for you to privacy as well as against unreasonable seizure.

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Federal prosecutors as well as the FBI about Monday stated they would be component of any probe straight into whether any Philadelphia-area school district spied about students making use of remotely managed cameras within school-issued laptops.

The U.S.

The school district says your webcams had been installed to become able to prevent theft in the laptops that are issued in order to every student. Attorney’s office for southeastern Pennsylvania stated it might be a new portion of nearby prosecutors and also police in the investigation directly into allegations Lower Merion Institution District trannycams covertly activated webcams employed by 42 students in 2 substantial schools.

The district’s technologies department activated monitoring computer software within the webcams about 42 laptops reported lost or even stolen during the existing school year, the district said. Eighteen happen to always be able to be recovered.

The lawsuit, filed throughout U.S. Attorney’s office said hello doesn’t usually announce investigations prior to they’re complete yet is creating an exception in this case because the community wants to become assured that will law enforcement will be investigating the actual incident.

“The district in zero way did and never would use such techniques as getting a grounds for disciplinary action,” mentioned superintendent Christopher McGinley inside a statement.

“The issues raised through these allegations are generally wide-ranging as well as involve your meeting involving the new world of cyberspace with that of physical space,” U.S. District Court with regard to Eastern Pennsylvania, also features a class action about behalf with the approximately 1,800 students in the 2 substantial schools.

PHILADELPHIA Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:10pm EST

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“The webcam will capture anything taking place within the room where the laptop computer is actually located, irrespective of whether as well as certainly not the student is sitting with the computer and using it,” the lawsuit says.

By Jon Hurdle

The U.S. Attorney Michael Levy mentioned in a statement.


10 Movies – What would they be?

If you can only pick ten movies to always be able to watch for your rest of your life, what movies could you choose?  A Person could explain if you like.


  I can’t go without having a new Disney movie.  Attractiveness and also the Beast is actually my favorite.  While it 1st came out, I associated to Belle.  she has been smart along with does issues on the girl behalf own.  My heart harm for that Beast.  I couldn’t obtain the songs from my head.  My birthday party’s theme had been Splendor and additionally the Beast.

These are only my picks.  Honestly this checklist would alter depending around the day as well as my mood.  The Particular majority would remain yet several other people could probably be switched so I’ll just add any couple honorable mentions.

  Starring Helen Hunt as well as Scarlett Johansson.  I would pick this movie mainly since in the dialogue.  This movie provides some involving the very best I get noticed in many years.  It will be quick and witty.  I think this can be a secret prize keez movies I luckily rented 1 day at Blockbuster.  That is actually unfortunately mysterious in order to many.

  I ended up being secretly freaked out by Gene Wilder on this movie nevertheless I would watch this together with my mother everytime it came in television.  My brother, mother, as well as I would curl up about the couch and acquire sucked to the wonders regarding Wonka. 

Cat on the Hot Tin Roof

Mine would be….

6.  Splendor and in addition the Beast (1991)

10.  Outdated University (2003)

  This specific movie depicts the afternoon inside the existence involving a amount keez movies of 1970s teenagers.  My buddies and I quote this movie all regarding the time.  I enjoy the laidback nature of this movie.  It’s merely a fun and straightforward watch that’s always a fantastic pick for you to watch together with friends.

  The idea is hard to conquer the trio associated with Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Katharine Hepburn.  I could watch your drunken Jimmy Stewart going to Cary Grant’s residence scene more than and also over. 

  This has been the very first movie I actually owned.  My mother & I watched it together.  We nevertheless do.  We sing along with each along with every song.  It has got the energy to produce us giggly little kids again.  I never had a nanny.  Basically did, I would want the girl to become Julie Andrews.

9.  Willy Wonka as well as the Chocolate Factory (1971)

  Starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and also Debbie Reynolds.  I enjoy the particular song and dance routines.  It’s a fantastic feel good movie. 

Wedding Crashers

Love Actually

4.  It’s the wonderful life (1946)

3.  The Actual Philadelphia Story (1940)

Honorable mentions:

5.  Dazed and Confused (1993)

1.  Singin within the Rain (1952)

  I want something which just helps make me laugh.  Your trio of Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, as well as Luke Wilson is actually great.  This specific is an additional movie that is always entertaining for you to quote.  This is possibly not some world-changing film however I nonetheless laugh everytime I watch it.

  We all watch this Frank Capra movie through the holiday season, nevertheless I break it keez movies out all through the particular year.  The idea shows us all the impact one individual has around the world.  This by zero means doesn’t bring any tear to always be able to my eye. 

2.  a Good Woman (2005)

8.  Mary Poppins (1964)

7.  Charade (1963)

My Fair Lady

  Cary Grant and also Audrey Hepburn are usually wonderful on this movie.  I have got study in which Cary Grant ended up being really miserable with the grow older distinction therefore he incorporated some of his or even her own lines generating enjoyable in the difference.  I am a huge fan associated with Cary Grant and also I feel he’s gorgeous in this movie.  Well I actually consider he’s gorgeous in practically any movie.  Audrey Hepburn can be the image associated with class as well as elegance. 


Nurseries urged to check their webcams are secure

Passwords containing any blend of lower as well as upper case numbers, letters along with character are generally best.

“Most camera systems occur together with instructions explaining the means to keep your footage you’re capturing secure.

Nurseries are increasingly being urged to check the safety involving any webcams these people use, within the wake involving an incident in that a Russian site streamed are living footage through 1000s of insecure webcams throughout the world.

One such nursery can be Bridge Farm Day Nurseries in Suffolk which usually installed webcams inside its nurseries over any decade ago.

You might feel that needing to kind in an obscure web address to gain access to your footage provides several level of protection. When the unit doesn’t use a password, a person should set 1 up.

These nurseries are now becoming encouraged by the Information Commissioner’s Workplace (ICO) to check the safety involving any kind of webcams used to monitor their own premises.

A growing variety of nurseries now use webcams in order to enable mother and father for you to watch their children by means of the web via wherever they are, so in which they can easily see regarding on his or her own that will their son or even daughter is happy at nursery.

If you have absolutely no intention of viewing footage with the nursery over the actual internet, then your best thing to complete is always to go in to the device’s safety options and see in the event you could flip the particular remote viewing choice off. In certain cases, insecure cameras can be identified making use of nothing more than an online search engine, according to the ICO.

Using webcams inside the asian webcam nursery features “helped to establish an atmosphere involving mutual have confidence in and also respect” based on Mr Powick.

The ICO web site offers more assistance at:

It is truly a threat almost all nurseries want to be aware of

A spokeswoman for your ICO said: “With 350,000 of those cameras sold in the UK alone final year, this is a threat that nurseries need being aware of and be following through to protect against, if they use webcams to end up being able to film rooms inside their nursery.”

The Russian web site managed to access your cameras over the web by simply utilizing the particular default login details, that are freely available online, pertaining to a huge quantity of cameras.

Owner Dan Powick said: “Every father or mother has a day-to-day restrict of 60 minutes access for the webcams, in 15 minute spells with a time.

The footage was collected from safety cameras employed by organizations and also members in the public, which range from CCTV networks utilized to keep huge premises secure, as any outcome of built-in cameras on infant monitors.

She advises which nurseries as the absolute minimum “should alter the camera’s default password that you must type in for you to obtain the device working. This particular might be blank something similar to that as straightforward as ‘password’ or ’12345′ but, even whether it isn’t, the default passwords many suppliers use tend to be freely available online thus make positive you obtain it changed. Just Take time to read the manual and also familiarise oneself with the security alternatives asian web cam accessible to you.”

. Selecting this option won’t normally stop from viewing the actual footage using your nursery Wi-Fi network, nonetheless study the manufacturer’s instructions to determine what controls are generally obtainable on your device.

“Choose a strong password which can’t be effortlessly guessed. However, this will not protect you from your remote software that hackers frequently use to become able to scan the net for vulnerable devices


RocketScience FuelPad Multiple Battery Charger Review

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty city Stories – 50 – Night in the Livid Dreads

GTAmissions Presents: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Area Stories – 50 – Night with the Livid Dreads

Running time: 834 seconds

Nail’d Environment Trailer

Get ready to have your own exhilarating using this off-road dirtbike along with ATV racing free sex cams game full of explosions as well as cinematic tracks on this Nail’d “environment” trailer.

Running time: 97 seconds

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault about Darkish Athena Portion VI

The Chronicles regarding Riddick: Assault in Darkish Athena gameplay video presented by simply CrispyGamer part VI.

Running time: 92 seconds

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword – Gameplay – Component I

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword – gameplay video simply by Crispy Gamer – part I

Running time: 66 seconds

How in order to Type Via files – OS X

Tekzilla live sex cams demonstrates for you to you the means to swap your folder view with out leaving laptop keyboards to simply kind files in OS X

Running time: 73 seconds

One-Click Input/Output Switching inside OS X – Tekzilla Every Day live sex cams Tip

Need to change the input on your OS X machine? Veronica shows you how anyone can use SoundSource that allows anyone switch inputs or perhaps outputs immediately from your menu bar in today’s Tekzilla Daily.

Running time: 69 seconds

Battlefield: bad Organization two Game Review

In this video by Your Escapist, Jordan Deam critiques your Battlefield: bad company 2 video game.

Running time: 238 seconds

E3 2010: Star Wars: the Old Republic Gameplay Bounty Trailer

Watch several rebel scum blow up a couple of droids and also carry out a cruel bounty hunter on this Star Wars: That Old Republic gameplay trailer via LucasArts along with BioWare.

Running time: 86 seconds

inFAMOUS Walkthrough – Zeke’s Request

inFAMOUS walkthrough by simply NextGenWalkthroughs.Com – hard difficulty, good karma – Zeke’s Request

Running time: 368 seconds

Diablo three Demon Hunter Class Gameplay Dungeon 2

Final Diablo III class revealed. Watch the first footage associated with the new Demon Hunter on this BlizzCon 2010 footage.

Running time: 83 seconds


Blake Lively: ‘I Feel Like a Tranny A Lot of the Time’

“I don’t know, I’m …

Blake Lively’s Allure photo shoot – additionally outtakes!

Cindy Crawford bares almost all regarding Allure

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively will be one of television’s the majority of beautiful actresses, nevertheless that will does not really mean the lady does not necessarily have her own discuss regarding insecurities.

“I’m blonde, and I have a small dog, consequently I make an effort to avoid seeking like a little bit of bubble gum,” the girl advised Allure.

In a occupation interview inside the Could issue involving Allure magazine, for sale April 21, the particular blonde bombshell admits to be able to feeling a little lower than ladylike a few days.

Lively may feel similar to that, nevertheless her looks and style are far from it. Yet although your woman will be usually compared with other blonde Hollywood style queens, don’t feel the girl is merely your own average tween queen.

“I feel being a tranny a new lot of your time,” your woman said. Indeed, these days, you can not open a fashion journal without having viewing your ex around the red carpet, searching amazingly beautiful. large? they place me in six-inch heels, along with I tower more than each as well as every man. I really feel being a man sometimes.”


Check out Blake’s total interview together with Allure, about newsstands everywhere April 21.

PHOTOS: Click on here to see exclusive shots through Blake’s Allure spread along along with other photos in the star.

Allure talks to rising star Taylor Swift. I’ve got this long curly hair and lots associated with clothes and also makeup on. I just feel actually large the lot of the particular time, and I’m surrounded with a large amount of tiny people


fake agents fake taxis and massagerooms

The question on many people’s minds are whether the media hype about how opportunistic the Costa Rica real estate market, is in fact reality and if so…for who?

Now I realize that the source of any information is its weakest point – so with that in mind I will try my hardest to write this article from the most unbiased angle possible and hopefully you, the reader, will appreciate the effort I’ve invested to present a quality and informative piece of literature to help you make a more informed decision when considering investing your hard earned dollars in the Costa Rica real estate market.

For the most part, my market study came bbw cams from the agents themselves. You see I had the pleasure of directly speaking with the country’s brightest and most affluent realtors and agencies…

This is what I’ve concluded:

Without a doubt the real estate market in Costa Rica was hit hard after world markets collapsed and the US entered their worst depression since 1929. There is however anomalies that are a little harder to explain.

Like the fact that after the attacks of September 11, 2001, the increase in foreign investment in to the country went through the roof. It was universal amongst agencies that between the 10 years from 1995-2005, Costa Rica real estate was at its peak momentum.

It’s highly plausible that because of the market collapses and tidal wave of mortgage foreclosures, Americans became uncertain and insecure with investment in their own country and therefore preferred to secure their future utilizing the lucrative Costa Rica real estate market.

Then the ripples of the current world economic crisis hit the shores of Costa Rica in 2008.

Now despite what you may have read, there is no doubt that brokers throughout the nation have dreamt of the lesbea days of real estate past to return. The question is…WHEN?

Time will tell however we can conclude that things are definitively improving when it comes to the sector however the landscape has forever changed – for the better remains to be seen.

Back in the day, buyers coming to Costa Rica were looking for raw land including many large parcels. The most important factor for property buyers back then was the simple request for "big ocean view". These days it’s not that simple.

From changes in government regulations on building and land concessions to the "new age" buyer, the real estate climate has changed and so has the demand.

Even though interest is increasingly improving fake taxi since its all-time low in 2008-09, the attention seems to female agent be more so in the direction of gated and self-sufficient communities. These include free standing villas and condominiums alike. It appears that the sense of community and security, draws the buyers more easily than say a raw chunk of Costa Rican soil.

Bureaucracy is prevalent in Costa Rica. It’s what keeps thousands of unnecessary positions filled. Therefore it’s important to understand that in Costa Rica, when you want something done…you are going to wait. No if, and’s or but’s about it.

Naturally if a potential buyer has the choice between existing amenities or the age old saying…"electricity is just down the road and SHOULD be connect in the next 12 months." – which do you think they will choose?

Not to mentioned the red tape necessary for any building or land clearing in the country. Nope, people want simple. The sooner they can be relaxing in their infinity edge pool overlooking the Pacific…the better.

It’s evident that throughout various sections of the country, the results vary. For example while massagerooms may be witnessing an increase in attention to investment, another developer in Guanacaste may disagree. Overall however it seems that the Central & Southern Pacific coasts of the country are benefiting from an fake agent increase in sales while other sectors, although reporting increases, are a little slower out of the gate.

The hope is that investor confidence will return throughout the country instead of sporadic pockets of activity here and there. The reality however is that simply because one market may be a little lower than the next – you should not ignore either because depressed markets can also produce enormous potential to savvy investors looking for a bargain.

In closing, although reports are showing a slow rise in activity country-wide, the positive light in which to interpret this, is that a rise…any rise…is better than a low. So it’s a safe bet that it might be wise for anyone considering foreign real estate markets to consider the proven and current positive signs that the Costa Rica real estate sector is showing.


Mariana Fenix

Ebony-skinned Latina tranny Mariana Fenix kneels on her bed in dark underwear and looks into the camera as she sucks on her fingers. She pulls her bustier down to free her tanned tits, and she gets on her hands and knees to show off her thong underwear and round booty. She strips naked, finally freeing her hardening shlong, and she takes hold of it and begins to stroke it lightly. She again gets on all fours and fingers her asshole while she continues to masturbate, and she finally shoots her load all over her stomach.


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